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DLNA Server

posted 29 Jan 2011, 16:53 by Ian Gilliam   [ updated 27 Mar 2011, 16:39 ]
To set-up a dlna server under ubuntu install Mediatomb

sudo apt-get install mediatomb

Then edit the config file as per these instructions:

 You have to change the Media Tomb settings which are located in a config (xml) file.... so to do this you have to. 

1. Open up a terminal session, it's in Applications > Accessories > Termina

2. Type: sudo gedit /etc/mediatomb/config.xml

3. When the editor is opened change ui enabled and transcoding enabled settings to yes. (the effected lines should look like this)

<ui enabled="yes" show-tooltips="yes">

<transcoding enabled="yes"> 

4. save your changes and close the editor

5. in the terminal window type: sudo /etc/init.d/mediatomb restart

(this will restart the media tomb server in order for the changes you just did to to take effect.) 

6. Sit back and enjoy your media streaming.