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Lithium Ion (Li-ion) batteries

posted 23 Apr 2010, 06:48 by Ian Gilliam   [ updated 27 Mar 2011, 16:49 ]

laptop batteries are fairly expensive and I thought I’d better clarify about their use. Nearly all laptop, Ipod, phone batteries nowadays are LI-ION (Lithium Ion) batteries.


·         They do not suffer from “memory” issues.

·         They do not suffer from “overcharging”

·         They will fail if they are allowed to completely empty.

·         You can charge them no matter how far depleted they are.

·         They do not need to be fully charged and discharged regularly.


LI-ion batteries live time is defined by  a limited number of “full recharges” that can take place, each time they are fully charged their capacity is slightly reduced.


A full charge is counted as when the capacity of the battery has been fully used e.g.


1.       You use half the battery on the 1st day and charge it back up.

2.       You use a quarter the next day and charge i t back up.

3.       You use a further quarter the following day and charge it back  at this point it has gone through a full charge cycle.


Therefore to retain as much battery life as possible it is important:

1.       To use the device externally powered as much as possible.

2.       Never allow the battery to completely empty (Li-ion batteries that empty completely usually will not recharge correctly afterwards).

3.       Make sure that if you have a spare battery you keep it partially charged while stored.


Apple have a website dedicated to Li-ion battery care http://www.apple.com/batteries/