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Samsung N130 and Ubuntu 11.04

posted 24 May 2011, 15:13 by Ian Gilliam
The Samsung N130 uses a rt8192 wireless chipset.  Ubuntu 11.04 loads variations of the driver modules e.g.


If your wireless plays up or it won't come back on after resume you need to do the following:

  1. Use lsmod | grep 8192 to determine which drivers are being loaded
  2. Use sudo rmmod <module> to remove the modules. 
  3. Use sudo modprobe <module> to see if wireless kicks in.  (Remember to sudo rmmod <modulename> if it doesn't work.  Work your way through all modules available.
  4. Modules that don't work create a /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist_r8192.conf file and add blacklist lines for each module e.g. blacklist r8192se_pci
  5. Once you have the module located that works with the wireless (r8192e_pci in my case) you need to test sleep.
  6. If the wireless fails to resume when you have resumed you need to create a new text file in /etc/pm/sleep.d called 12_wireless.  The contents of the file is shown below, remember to change r8192e_pci to whichever module worked for you.
  7. The file needs to be executable so chmod a+x 12_wireless when before you leave the folder.


case "$1" in
                        rmmod r8192e_pci #insert your module's name
modprobe r8192e_pci #insert your module's name
sleep 1