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Ubuntu 10.10 cdrom

posted 23 Jan 2011, 09:07 by Ian Gilliam   [ updated 23 Jan 2011, 09:18 ]
Up until 10.10 when mounting a cdrom in ubuntu the device was mapped to /media/cdrom. 10.10 now mounts it's cd's into /media/<cdtitle> which makes using Wine with CD's a pain as Wine needs to be configured for each cd mount.

To overcome this:
1. Create a folder /media/cdrom
2. sudo mkdir /media/cdrom
2. sudo chmod a+rx /media/cdrom

Then as root edit the /etc/fstab file and add the a line to fix the mount point of the cd e.g.

1. F2 to bring up the Gnome run dialogue
2. Enter
    gksu /etc/fstab
3. Go to the bottom of the file and enter two new lines thus:
    #add single mount point for Cd
    /dev/cdrom /media/cdrom auto noauto,user,exec

/dev/cdrom is your cdrom drive.
/media/cdrom is the folder you created.

Once the changes have been made the next cd/dvd inserted will mount in the new mount location.
If you get an error message you may not have used the same folder name for both the fstab and the mkdir command check your spelling and casing.